Ichnology & Palaeoenvironment Research Group


The Research Group of Ichnology and Paleoecology is formed by researchers from several Spanish universities, with the collaboration of international researchers, who develop their research in the study of fossil traces, focusing on their paleoenvironmental and paleoecological applications:

There is three main lines of research:

• Ichnology

Study of biogenic structures, paleo- and neo-icnological analysis from the geological record. It is possible to distinguish between; the characterization of fossil traces, variations in the sedimentary record or relationships with the environmental changes among others. Analysis of ichnofacies and ichnofábricas both using outcrops and from the description of cores. there is different subfields into the research:

Fossil traces related to extinction events




Integration of paleoecological studies in basin analysis with special attention to sequential stratigraphy and ecoestratigraphy. (more information)

• Cyclostratigraphy

Study of depositional cycles of several orders and hierarchies (Milankovitch and sub-Milankovitch) from variations in biotic and abiotic indicators in the geological record. Analysis of the factors and processes that cause them, fundamentals and applications. (more information)